Elyse Knowles’
Guide To Healthy Hair

En-Route chat to Elyse Knowles about at-home
haircare with a botanical twist.

Having begun her modelling career at aged 10, you can imagine Elyse Knowles knows a thing or two about how to keep her hair healthy after spending many hours on set. Now calling Byron Bay home, we spent a day beachside with this entrepreneur at heart to learn more about how Elyse keeps those blonde locks in photo-ready shape. Read on as En-route talk with Elyse Knowles about hair health and her favourite hair memories.


En-route: What’s the first thing you do with your hair in the morning?

Elyse Knowles: I usually have a shower and then give my hair a good brush with the Aveda paddle bush. My hair is super thin, but I have lots of it, so it likes to get knotty.


EN: How do you prep your hair for a day of salt and sun?

EK: I always make sure I’m using the right shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Aveda’s botanical repair™ really gives my hair the nutrients it needs. Sometimes I’ll use the botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment before a swim in the ocean to prevent my hair from becoming easily knotted! It’s such a great hair hack. I’ll rinse my hair after a salty swim and it’s still nice and soft.


EN: How many steps does your shower haircare routine have and what are they?

EK: I love to have healthy shiny hair for shoot days. The night before I will use the botanical repair™ strengthening light masque treatment, letting it soak in all night. Then I wash my hair in the morning, dry it off and off I go.


EN: How many steps does your shower haircare routine have and what are they?

EK: I don’t like long showers, I try to make them as efficient as possible to save water. I use botanical repair™ shampoo and conditioner, or I use the botanical repair™ light masque as a conditioner when I feel my hair needs that extra TLC.


EN: What is your favourite hair memory?

EK: Ooooo…when I was younger, I had this wild haircut. It was short at the back and long at the front. There was even a shaved bit at the back of my head.

Don’t know WHYYY I thought that was cool, haha.


EN: How do you take your hair from day to night?

EK: My style is pretty laid back when it comes to my hair. I like my natural wave so I usually use a bit of (Aveda’s) shampure™ dry shampoo for some texture and volume. This product is great as it comes in a powder form and gives you the volume and texture you need without leaving any residue or looking chalky.


EN: When it comes to your haircare stash, what’s always on hand product wise?

EK: I love botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment. You can use it on wet or dry hair, I throw it in my handbag for any occasion.

Botanical repair™ strengthening light masque. I love this masque. I usually put it in my hair before I go to sleep, wake up and rinse it out and my hair looks so fresh, soft and shiny.

Shampure™ dry shampoo. This product is the best when travelling or camping, hello to no washing my hair but still looking fresh!

Nutriplenish™ multi-use hair oil. I love a multi-use product. The product is magic and it’s another one you can apply overnight to wet or damp hair. It smells great and keeps my ends hydrated


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