Aveda At-Home Hand Rituals


Rescue your hands from all the washing and sanitizing with some much-needed moisture with the three-step hand massage. 

Master the at-home perfect blowout

Master the perfect blow out

Find out how you can create the perfect at-home blowout with a little practice, the right tools, and our go-to tips.

Healthy scalp means healthy hair

Healthy scalp means healthy hair

Treat your scalp like skin (because it is!) with its own skincare routine. Our pramāsana cleansing ritual makes it easy by teaming up with the Aveda shampoo and conditioner you already love.

Massage dry scalp with pramasana exfoliating scalp brush


Massage dry scalp with the pramāsana exfoliating scalp brush to help loosen build-up and increase microcirculation. Looped bristles help keep your hair tangle-free.

Apply pramasana purifying scalp cleanser to wet or dry scalp


Apply pramāsana purifying scalp cleanser to wet or dry scalp and massage in to deeply purify with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid. Follow with your favorite Aveda shampoo and conditioner.

Apply pramasana protective scalp concentrate after cleansing

balance and protect

After cleansing, apply pramāsana protective scalp concentrate directly to the scalp from front to back hairline to balance sebum levels, and protect from pollution and other free radicals.


Get salon ready: color

Get salon ready: 

We asked Aveda's Global Artistic Director of Colour, Ian Michael Black, to share his tips for creating salon-ready, healthy hair.

strengthen up hair with damage remedy

strengthen up

Use the right shampoo and conditioner to build up the strength of your hair. The damage remedy collection helps repair hair strands with quinoa protein from the inside out.

Introduce leave-in conditioners to your routine

leave it in

Introduce leave-in conditioners to your routine: Use color conserve daily color protect to protect your colour, nutriplenish leave-in to hydrate your hair and damage remedy daily hair repair to repair damage. 

Apply a hair mask weekly

masque and relax

Apply a hair masque weekly for an intensive treatment.

Use sun care hair & body cleanser for a deep cleanse

deep cleanse

Right before you come back to the salon, use our sun care hair and body cleanser to give your hair a deep cleanse and remove any product and environmental build up. 

Give yourself a soothing spa manicure at home

Give yourself a soothing
spa manicure at home

A rejuvenating manicure restores what's most important:
the health of your hands and nails. While you're away
from the spa, treat your nails to our relaxing at-home routine. 

Self-care for stress-related hair loss

Self-care for 
stress-related hair loss

We all feel the effects of stress on our mind and body, but did you know it can visibly affect your hair, resulting in hair loss and thinning? Discover how we're conquering hair loss with self-care and our invati advanced system.

Discover 5 ways to use stress-fix composition oil

It's time for a self-care closeup

Our stress-fix composition oil
fills your senses with lavender, lavandin
and clary sage for aroma that reduces feelings of stress.
Discover 5 ways we love to use it to relax.

Discover 5 ways to use stress-fix composition oil

breathe in peace

Place a small amount of oil on the inside of each wrist,
inhale, exhale and enjoy the calming scent. 

Discover 5 ways to use stress-fix composition oil

relieve tension

Massage into your neck, shoulders and back, using
squeezing motions to relax tense muscles as you
breathe deeply.

Discover 5 ways to use stress-fix composition oil

head massage

Nourish and condition the scalp before shampooing
and clear your mind.

Discover 5 ways to use stress-fix composition oil

soften skin

Massage into hands and feet to moisturise and soothe
with certified organic sunflower and jojoba seed oils.

Discover 5 ways to use stress-fix composition oil

calming bathtime

Add a few drops into your bath and enjoy the aroma
as it fills the space around you.

SPA NIGHT essentials

Treat yourself to an at-home spa night using our faves for skin, hair & body.

botanical kinetics intense hydrating masque

masque on

botanical kinetics intense hydrating masque
After a long week treat your face to a calming, soothing masque. Cooling rosewater that tones the skin for a sense of renewal.

damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment

hair rescue

damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment
Tend to damaged hair with this intensive vegan
restructuring treatment for deep repair and strength. 

foot relief moisturizing creme

heal and soothe

foot relief moisturizing creme
Melt away stress with a DIY foot massage
and jojoba oil, for your softest feet yet. 

rosemary mint vegan soy wax candle

spark joy

rosemary mint vegan soy wax candle
Breathe and be present with the
invigorating aroma of organic rosemary.


Second Day Hair Products

Extend good hair days four ways

Our entire vegan, sulfate cleanser-free rinseless collection can handle all of your hair needs, regardless of type of texture. From yoga to virtual hangouts, discover the perfect one for your at-home hair routine.

Discover Dry Shampoo

say hello from home

shampure dry shampoo
Speed through your hair routine before your vitual date. Absorb excess oil and add volume and texture at your roots with this innovative, non-aerosol powder mist.

Discover heat relief

take the heat

heat relief thermal protector & conditioning mist
When touching up yesterday's at-home blow out with a flat iron,
this fine, dry mist helps protect your hair from thermal damage
and instantly conditions for a soft and shiny finish.

Discover rinseless refresh

sleep in late

rinseless refresh micellar hair and scalp refresher
Bring bed-head curls and coils back to life with this fine, liquid mist and instantly cleanse your scalp with no-rinse micellar technology.

Discover foam reset

work it out

foam reset rinseless hydrating hair cleanser
Post-yoga, pre-video call, this lightweight foam gently cleanses
your hair without the total redo. Perfect for hydrating braids, too.


5 ways to use nutriplenish multi-use hair oil

5 ways to use
nutriplenish multi-use hair oil

1. Scalp massage oil
Apply to scalp for ultra hydration and massage in circular motions to relax your senses.

2. Pre-shampoo treatment
Apply evenly to dry hair from scalp to ends. Shampoo.

3. Leave-in treatment
On towel-dried hair, dispense 1-2 pumps into hand, and apply evenly to hair. Style as desired.

4. Post-styling finishing oil
to provide heat-styled hair with lustre.

5. Overnight treatment oil
Apply to dry hair from scalp to ends, and gently massage into hair. Do not rinse.
Shampoo the next morning. 

Give yourself a scalp massage

Give yourself a scalp 
massage in four steps

Learning this practice is an extension of self-love. It clears your mind, eases tension and brings energy. Grab your paddle brush and nutriplenish multi-use hair oil to start.