Considering we’re obsessed with hair, skin and beauty, it’s safe to say we’re big fans of Halloween. On October 31st, you can transform yourself into anything (or anyone) you want, and what’s more magical than that? If you need a little inspiration this year, look no further than our handy-dandy Halloween toolkit of products that will help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of, whether it’s totally spooky or ultra-glam.


Tips for your Halloween hair

Whether you’re channelling a fairy princess, a television-inspired warrior queen, a zombie bride or a retro movie star, you’ll need some hair help. To give hair grip for braiding and updos, try using a little bit of Texture Tonic. Texture Tonic is also the perfect product for any aspiring mermaids; it gives hair a piecey definition that looks like you just took a dip in the ocean.


Give any super-sleek looks or flapper bobs shine and polish with Brilliant Spray-On Shine or Humectant Pomade, and try Pure Abundance or Thickening Tonicif you really need to amp up the volume and thickness of your look. The Bride of Frankenstein definitely would’ve used Thickening Tonic to build up her trademark beehive!


Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, keep it in place for an evening of fun with Control Force. Not even a ghostly breeze will make it budge!


After Halloween, treat your hair to some TLC with Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment, which strengthens damaged hair with deep repair and leaves your hair feeling healthy, smooth and strong.


Easy Halloween makeup looks

Ghostly and ghoulish: Create a ghostly pallor with a powder foundation in a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, and fake some ghoulish shadows under your eyes with the Petal Essence Eye Colour Trio in Plum Mist, a mix of red-violet, pink and silver shades. Give in to your inner goth with a deep lip colour like the deep purple Acai.


Hollywood glam: Any Hollywood starlet look needs a killer black eye liner pencil and red lip, so opt for Petal Essence Eye Definer in Black Orchidand Feed My Lips lipstick in red shades like Jujube, a bright cherry, or Goji, a true, classic red.


Aveda Artists love using Feed My Lips lipstick when extra pigment is required. If you’re dressing as a scarecrow or a doll, use the bright pink Guava or red-orange Cana for more vibrant colour on your face.


Caring for your skin post-Halloween
When the party’s over, remove any stubborn eye makeup with our gentle Pure Comfort Eye Makeup Remover, and deeply cleanse with Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gelor Crème Cleanser and the super-gentle Shammy Cloth. Follow with your normal skin care routine and you’ll be ready to greet November with a fresh, not scary face!