WELLNESS | June 7, 2018


At Aveda, we believe in harnessing the power of natural ingredients. Quinoa protein helps strengthen and repair, buriti oil helps hydrate and soften, and acacia gum helps fill out fine hair. There are so many wholesome, natural ingredients that can keep our hair healthy, and aloe vera might be the most versatile of them all.


Aloe vera isn’t just great for hair; it helps our health from head to toe. This precious plant keeps us healthy from the inside out, from aiding in digestion to offering intense hydration.



Many people know the aloe vera plant as a healer for sunburn, but its benefits stretch far beyond the world of after sun care. Aloe vera can be used topically, like it’s used on sunburn, or used in drinks like aloe vera juice.


One of aloe vera’s many benefits is that hydrating. Aloe is water-dense, which means it’s great for preventing dehydration. Just like skin and hair, your body needs plenty of hydration to stay healthy. An aloe vera drink can hydrate you after exercise or throughout the day.


Another health benefit of aloe vera is its aid in digestion. Aloe vera contains important enzymes that can help break down the food you eat and keep your digestive system healthy. Because it keeps your digestion running smoothly, it also helps you absorb the nutrients you eat.


Aloe vera doesn’t just help you absorb nutrients; the plant is actually full of vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Aloe vera contains vitamins B, C, and E, along with folic acid.


Drinking aloe vera juice can offer a range of health benefits, but it also provides several benefits for our skin and hair. Aloe vera benefits for skin range from hydration to treating sunburn, while the benefits for hair include added smoothness, shine, and curl definition.



The benefits of aloe vera for hair are as plentiful as its benefits for the body. Not only does aloe vera contain nutrients that are great for our hair, but it also helps hydrate, cleanse, and define our hair.


Aloe can help cleanse your hair by absorbing excess oil and leaving hair healthy and shiny. It can even help define curls by taming frizz, adding smoothness, and infusing moisture.


Aloe vera is also an ideal hydrator both for your body and your hair. Because it’s full of water and moisture, it’s the perfect ingredient in a range of hair care products.



Our hair care products are made the Aveda way – with naturally derived ingredients that are wholesome and healthy for hair. Aloe vera is an ingredient with benefits not only for your body but also for your hair.


Our Smooth Infusion™ system takes advantage of aloe vera’s hydrating properties to naturally add moisture to hair and create a smooth finish. Smooth Infusion™ targets frizz and defends against humidity, giving you hair that’s soft and smooth.


The Smooth Infusion™ Style-Prep Smoother™ is a pre-style treatment that creates a smooth surface on hair to make styling faster and easier. The formula uses an exclusive plant infusion made from organic aloe, maize, and guar bean to create intense smoothness. By taming and smoothing the hair, you won’t have to deal with frizz or unwanted volume. Instead, you’ll have manageable hair that always looks its best. The aloe vera hair primer even defends against humidity for up to 12 hours, so your style can last longer.


Like all Aveda products, the Smooth Infusion™ Style-Prep Smoother™ contains a natural aroma that will create a spa-like experience every time you style your hair. Australian sandalwood and organic bergamot blend with palmarosa and other pure flower essences to create Aveda’s own refreshing pure-fume™.


Smooth Infusion™ isn’t the only Aveda system that offers the benefits of aloe vera for hair. Be Curly™ hair care products use aloe to smooth and define curls, creating a sophisticated style that’s never dry or frizzy.


The Be Curly™ curl enhancer uses wheat protein and organic aloe to intensify curls, combat frizz, and boost shine on curly or wavy hair. The aloe-infused styling creme expands when hair is wet and retracts when hair is dry to intensity and lock in your wave or curl.


Aloe vera has a long list of benefits for your hair, skin, and body. At Aveda, we take advantage of natural ingredients that promote wholesome health, which makes aloe the perfect addition to a range of hair care products. Smooth Infusion™ leaves your hair soft, silky, and shiny, while Be Curly™ helps intensify and define your curly or wavy hair.


Whether your hair is straight and smooth, curly or wavy, aloe vera hair products can give you healthy hair that’s full of radiance and shine.