Treat dry hair with nutriplenish™

4 Reasons why hair

is dry in the summer


Treat dry hair with nutriplenish

You may bask in the carefree pleasures of summer—but your hair? It doesn’t always have fun in the sun. Summertime poses unique challenges to strands, leaving them vulnerable to dryness, damage and breakage whether you’re at the pool, beach or just outside. Below, we’re sharing the four reasons for dry hair in the warm weather months—and how a hair care routine featuring our superfood-packed, 100% vegan nutriplenish collection can help hydrate dry hair.


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The ocean can be healing—except, unfortunately, to your hair. Salt water can draw out moisture from strands, resulting in dry hair that’s brittle to the touch.


The fix: Rinsing out salt water is essential for restoring hydration and protecting hair from the drying effects of the ocean. Cleanse and condition with our nutrient-dense nutriplenish collection to start the rehydration process in the shower. With two different formulas—nutriplenish light moisture for fine-to-medium hair and nutriplenish deep moisture for medium-to-thick hair—you’ll be able to choose the hydration that’s right for your hair.




Strong UV rays can zap your hair of essential lipids. These are naturally present in your hair to protect and coat each individual strand. When you lose lipids, your hair can look and feel dry.


The fix: Shield hair with two nutriplenish collection essentials: nutriplenish leave-in conditioner, a lightweight spray, and NEW nutriplenish daily moisturizing treatment, a decadent cream. Both feature sand ginger, a naturally derived UV filter that works to absorb UV rays, protecting hair from the drying effects of the sun.




If you’ve ever spent time on a windswept beach, you know: gusty weather can tangle your strands, leaving hair frizzy and knotty.


The fix: Replenish and detangle wind-blown hair with several drops of nutriplenish multi-use hair oil, a concentrated, 100% vegan oil blend that instantly conditions and smooths each individual strand for a touchable, soft finish.




A lazy pool day can be seriously stressful on your hair, as chlorine can strip strands of their natural oils, causing issues like split ends.


The fix: Take a shower as soon as you can after swimming in a pool with the nutriplenish formula of your choice: light moisture is ideal for lightweight, fast-absorbing hydration; deep moisture is ideal for richer hydration, as it contains 50% more plant butters than our light moisture collection.



Save your strands from summer stressors with our
nutriplenish collection—the essential system for
visibly healthy, hydrated hair all season long.