Introducing Aveda’s Pro Team!
Meet Laura, Mathew, Rory and Terri.

Alongside the role of influencers, Aveda’s vast unique and professional network means we have an abundant sea of brand advocates as our trusted and authentic sources of real and practical information.


With so many consumer questions about hair, Aveda have curated a team of 4 pro’s, all with different backgrounds, experience and knowledge so that you get the best advice. You asked, we listened!


With this said, we are so excited to share Aveda’s new PRO TEAM who will be answering all of your burning hair questions!



Laura Kim, Mathew Wickham, Rory Calasse and Terri Robertson Kirkwood.


Question 1: How do I know if my hair is damaged or dry?

Mathew: An easy way to tell if your hair is damaged or dry is to take a wet strand of your hair and pull it between your fingers and you should expect it to stretch a third of itself. If the hair snaps this may mean that hair is damaged, but if the hair continues to stretch or pull or curl, this probably means that its dry! Damaged hair can feel rougher or knot more easily, dry hair can really lack the ability to reflect light. For dry hair try nutriplenish™ shampoo and conditioner, for damaged hair your best bet is botanical repair™.


Question 2: I’m blonde and have so many split ends, HELP!
Rory: There’s two options in my opinion! You can either get regular hair cuts to maintain the shape and style of your hair or you can try a range like botanical repair™! The range is designed to replace and multiply the bonds back in the hair giving you nice shiny healthy hair!


Question 3: I have breakage from colouring my hair so much, any tips?
Laura: The botanical repair™ treatment is your answer! It’s going to transform your hair. It’s going to treat and protect those bonds whilst your hair is being coloured. When you go for your colour you can add it onto your service as a treatment. Call your nearest Aveda salon to find out more.


Question 4: My hair feel coarse and lacks shine. What is the best range for me?

Terri: The best range for coarse hair that’s lacking shine, is to go with a range that is all about hydration! Don’t get scared of hydration, its not going to weigh your hair down. Use the nutriplenish™ range, it’s a superfood complex of mango, coconut and pomegranate. It’s just going to nourish your hair and you will see the results instantly!


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