Meet our Mane Muse, Bianca Hill

She shares her hair care routine, featuring her favourite Aveda products for dry hair

Our Mane Muse this month is Bianca Hill, content creator with over 10.5K followers on Instagram and admirer of all things luxe beauty.


Bianca knows how important it is to use products that help her typically dry hair lock in moisture and our botanical repair™ range is a part of her daily routine. Discover her go-to products for dry hair and learn how to hydrate your hair by recreating Bianca’s hair care regimen!


What is your first beauty memory?
Getting grounded because I was wearing red nail polish haha, I wasn’t really allowed to wear makeup when I was young! But boy, did I try.


How do you maintain your hair?
I have quite unique hair in that it’s fine, but I have a lot of it. And it’s also really dry, so I need to make sure I’m pumping in enough moisture, without weighing it down from how fine it is.

I’ve been loving the pramasana purifying scalp cleanser as my first step, to make sure I remove any build-up from my scalp and then I go in with the botanical repair strengthening shampoo for dry hair as my second cleanse. I love this because it’s super light but doesn’t make my hair feel like straw.

I go between the botanical repair strengthening conditioner and botanical repair intensive strengthening masque depending on what I feel like my hair needs, they’re both great conditioners for dry hair and never make my hair feel greasy. Once I’m out of the shower, I lather on some botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment whilst my hair is still wet, to lock in moisture and protect it from heat styling.


One hair product you can’t live without?
A heat protectant! For my job, I style my hair every other day, so making sure it stays protected is really important.




"I love Aveda’s botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment! It’s a great multi-use product that doubles as a leave-in treatment for dry hair, that instantly strengthens and repairs damaged hair from the inside out while protecting against any heat styling up to 230°C."


What is your shower routine?
My shower routine is either 0 or 100. Some days I get in and wash my body and call it a day, and some other days I spend 45 minutes doing everything from a body wash and scrub to shaving, hair washing and a relaxing face mask. it really just depends on my mood!


What is your beauty philosophy?
Possibly an unpopular opinion, but more is more! I love a long routine – be it skincare, makeup or hair care. It’s a form of self-care for me that I look forward to every day.


How do you take time out to relax?
Cuddling with my pup on the couch, watching terrible reality tv or listening to a podcast while I do some cooking.


What’s one hair hack you live by?
Blow drying my hair when I use dry shampoo! I find it helps it last longer.


Who is your Muse and why?
For as long as I can remember, my muses have been Mary-Kate & Ashley. Their effortless style just really does it for me!


If you’ve been wondering how to moisturise dry hair, Bianca’s routine is a recipe for success. Explore our Botanical Repair range and try our hair hydration treatments for yourself.