BEAUTY | MAY 24, 2018







The Royal Wedding has come and gone, but we’re still not over its perfect romance. The buzz around the momentous occasion was deafening, but it also coincided perfectly with the start of wedding season — a time many Aveda Artists know, love and are more than prepared for.


In the spirit of wedding season, we chatted with two accomplished pros: Aveda Artist Misha Mills, an Aveda Artist at Tonya Jones Salon Spa in Birmingham, Alabama and our Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason. They shared their best pre-wedding tips and the beauty items every bride should have with her on the big day.



You haven’t seen braids until you’ve seen Misha Mills create them. She’s an incredible stylist who loves to cut hair and send her guests home with a beautiful style, and that means brides too.


“In Birmingham, we’re seeing a lot of brides loving a little texture with their style,” she says. “They’re loving adding in a braid as an accent or a main halo around the front. They’re loving the braid paired with curls and texture.”


For Misha, a wedding style with a bit more drama is the thing. “I’m a little on the dramatic side, so [I love] a big beautiful blowout with waves, curls and braids. I love the hair accessories with pearls and diamonds – big, voluminous, beautiful hair is a beautiful bride to me.”


Misha recommends visiting with your Artist two weeks before your wedding for a consultation. “Take advantage of doing a wedding trial,” she says. “When it comes time for the wedding, the stylist already knows what to do and has their tools, they know the bride’s hair and the bride knows the style will be familiar.”


Misha’s work isn’t complete without a little help from Air Control hair spray. “I love Air Control!” she says. “It’s one I’ll use on everyone to complete their style.” She also loves Control Paste, Pure Abundance Hair Potion, Shampure Dry Shampoo and Brilliant Universal Styling Creme to help style and shape a variety of hair textures and looks.


What product does she think a bride should have with her on the big day? Misha’s pick is the Pure-Fume Hair Mists. “Every time I spray that around my clients, they love it, so for a bride, that’s the magic they need,” she says. “It’ll add shine so the pictures are beautiful and give them a little bit of calm when they’re walking down the aisle … and the groom will smell it too.” Her top pick is the citrusy Marassona.




How many brides’ makeup has Janell Geason, Global Artistic Director for Makeup, done in her career? “A billion!” she says. “That’s all I did when I was in the salon world and I loved it. You’re part of their day and it’s amazing to be part of that memory for them.” When doing bridal makeup, Janell approaches it the same way as she does the many Fashion Week shows she leads.  “It’s the same concept. How am I playing a part in their big day?”


Deciding what your bridal beauty look will be can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Janell says to think about the kind of wedding you’re having — is it formal? Casual? On the beach? That will determine a lot of what your look entails.


This is why a pre-wedding consultation with your makeup artist is so important. Bring pictures and discuss what you’re envisioning. Janell says to go to your consultation appointment with your makeup as you normally wear it to give your artist an idea of what your style is, and take photos after your trial run to see how the makeup photographs. It’s easy to say you want a natural look, but it doesn’t always photograph well.


“Take a quick selfie,” Janell says. “What you think in your mind might be a lot doesn’t always translate to a lot, so take a pic before you decide if it’s too much.”


Janell is currently loving a classic beauty look with glowing skin and a focus on the lips. She recommends opting for powder shadow over cream during the summer, and one of her best tips is to match your lip colour to the dress you’re wearing — is it warm or cool-toned? If you’re going for a retro vibe, choose a classic red like Feed My Lips lipstick in Jujube or Goji, and if you want a more romantic pink-neutral shade, try Kimi Fig or Rose Jicama with a little gloss on top.


Obviously, you’ll have your lip colour with you on your wedding day, but what else should a bride keep by her side? According to Janell, any outdoor bride needs an umbrella so she doesn’t melt if it’s hot. Also keep Toning Mist, pressed powder, blotting papers and a small grouping of the products used so you can easily touch up your face during the celebration.