Meet our Mane Muse Sammy Robinson

She shares why she loves botanical products for blonde hair

Our Mane Muse this month is Sammy Robinson, the lovely, accomplished business owner of One Mile. With her long, blonde hair, she knows the importance of maintaining healthy strands and using the right products.


Read on to discover her morning routine, her hair hacks and her philosophy on beauty.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I start the day with a tall glass of water and set my goals for the day. If there’s time, I’ll do a short meditation and stretch, too. Then I’ll make my morning coffee with almond or oat milk.

I usually wake up around 7am and try to stick to this to be consistent. I find routine works best for me and keeps my week on track with priorities.


What is your shower routine?
I wash my hair with botanical repair™ shampoo and conditioner. Obsessed with the smell. Sometimes I’ll replace the conditioner with the strengthening masque and leave this in whilst I wash my face and the rest of my body.

I’ve recently been loving this range as I’m giving my hair a break from harsh chemicals and because my hair is long and coloured, I need products that repair and strengthen.

I have been loving beautifying radiance polish for my body.




“My favourite masque for damage repair. My hair has never felt stronger or shinier, I love the fact that Aveda natural and vegan botanical repair range has allowed my hair to have a break from any harsh chemicals”


What is your most relied on hairstyling product or tool?

I love a multi use product. The botanical repair leave in conditioner is a must have.

I like that it doubles as a heat protectant because in lockdown I have been practising a few different looks and sometimes like to do my hair to make myself feel put together in lockdown. I still have to shoot content and do Zoom meetings so I still need to take the best care of my hair while styling.


What is your beauty philosophy?

To embrace change and learn as much as I can. There’s always new products and techniques and I love hearing about them and applying them to my beauty routines. I think it’s incredible how much the beauty space has evolved and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to the subjectiveness of beauty. Everyone has the space to be creative and learn from each other.


What is one hair trick that you live by?

Before exercising, use dry shampoo. Don’t use this before because a workout is a quick way to sticky, powdery hair. Coating your hair in dry shampoo pre-workout means it will soak up all the extra moisture. It’s more effective than using it once your hair is already wet and sweaty, and will dissolve more easily into hair. I like Aveda’s Shampowder dry shampoo because it’s a non aerosol powder product – easy to use and all naturally derived.