Meet our Mane Muse Natalie Mank

She shares her favourite products and why she embraces her natural curls

Our Mane Muse this month is beautiful Natalie Mank. She’s a Yoga teacher from Bondi and we are obsessed with her hair! At Aveda we embrace every hair type and love hearing personal routines, tips and tricks and hair lessons. Natalie shares her favourite shower products, her go-to masque and why it’s important to not suppress curly hair and natural textures!


1. Why do you feel it's important to embrace your natural hair texture?
My curly hair doesn’t define me, however it is a part of who I am. Embracing your natural curls and texture is letting the world know, you love the way you were created. It’s funny when I was younger I always had a complex of thinking straight hair was more desirable, however as I’ve grown up, I’m much more comfortable in my mane. I hardly ever straighten it and if I do, it’s just because I want to change my look up once in a while.


2. What do you feel is the biggest challenge and the biggest benefit in having naturally curly hair?
The biggest benefit is being more carefree especially when it comes to styling. I also love the fact I can tie my hair up in a bun, and I don’t need to worry about the kinks as my hair blends into the rest of my curly hair. Great for when I’m practicing or teaching yoga and my hair is consistently pulled up. The biggest challenge was finding good products that suit my hair. I have a great regime now but it did take some trial and error to see which products were actually benefiting my curls.



3. How do you take your hair from day to night?

The great thing about my hair is that I only need two products to vamp my hair a little. Dry shampoo and curl definer. I’m very low maintenance when it comes to styling! I generally care most about my hair looking healthy and hydrated – no one likes the look of dry or unruly hair.


4. What does your shower routine look like?

Shampoo and conditioner with Nutriplenish and I do love a body oil in the shower! Recently I have been using the composition oil – it melts into the skin very well and smells amazing.


If I have the time I’ll put a treatment masque on the ends of my hair like the botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque (you can substitute this masque for your conditioner) and leave it in whilst I wash my face, teeth and body. As soon as I hop out, I’ll run the curl gelee from scalp to roots spray the leave in conditioner and diffuse with an air dryer.


5. What are three products you can’t live with out?

nutriplenish™ curl gelée – defines and hydrates my curls

nutriplenish™ leave-in-conditioner – heat protector, softens my curls and de-tangles

Wooden Paddle brush – self explanatory, if you don’t have this brush, it should be next on your list!