WELLNESS | July 2, 2018

The Benefits Of Rosemary And Mint

From babassu to buriti, nature gives us ingredients that nurture both our minds and our bodies.


Rosemary and mint are two wholesome ingredients that nourish us, support our internal systems, improve our mood, and invigorate our hair and skin. 


The Benefits of Rosemary and Mint for Hair

Herbs like rosemary and mint have been used for centuries to scent, heal, and in the preparation of food. They’re richly beneficial, which is why we created the Aveda Rosemary Mint range. The benefits of these two wholesome herbs range from head to toe, including improving mood through aromatherapy, boosting the immune system, improving cognitive function, aiding in pain relief and digestion, and improving overall health and wellness.


Is Rosemary Good for Hair and Skin?

Rosemary and mint are hugely beneficial not only for our minds and bodies but also for our hair and skin. Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent ingredient for haircare. Rosemary oil in particular is known to stimulate hair growth, improve scalp health, reduce irritation and prevent dandruff. Mint is also healthy for our skin, as it creates a cooling and calming effect when applied topically, and can even treat irritated skin.


Does Rosemary Help with Hair Growth?

Rosemary promotes the stimulation of hair growth and can help improve scalp health. It contains compounds that can increase blood circulation to the scalp, to ensure hair follicles get the nutrients they need to grow the hair, and prevent them from dying off. Used in conjunction with peppermint oil, which is also known to promote hair growth, rosemary oil strengthens scalp circulation and improves nerve growth, which helps stimulate and achieve hair growth.


Does Rosemary Prevent Hair Loss?

Rosemary helps prevent hair loss by strengthening hair follicles and reducing inflammation in the scalp. Rosemary oil is also known to improve scalp health, prevent dandruff and minimise scalp irritation, which can contribute to hair loss.


How Aveda Uses Rosemary and Mint

We’ve created an entire range of natural hair products that spotlight the beneficial properties of rosemary and mint. The rosemary and mint all natural hair products are designed to invigorate and awaken the body and soul while nourishing your hair and skin. From shampoo and conditioner to body lotion and bath bars, rosemary and mint feature in each product to benefit the mind and body.


Our Rosemary Mint Shampoo offers weightless cleansing that leaves fine to normal hair healthy and full of body. As you cleanse, you can take in the fresh scent of rosemary and mint, improving your mood and helping to lower your stress levels. Add the accompanying Rosemary Mint Conditioner to condition fine hair and add weightless body and shine. Certified organic rosemary and peppermint cool and revitalise your scalp.


Beyond our organic shampoo and conditioner, rosemary and mint are also the star ingredients in a range of skincare. Our Rosemary Mint Body Lotion uses the nourishing herbs to cool and revitalise the skin. The silky, lightweight lotion hydrates with the refreshing blend that will leave both your skin and mind awake and aware.


You can awaken your hands and body with our Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash. The gentle cleansing formula balances skin’s moisture so you can wash frequently without over-drying. All your senses will be energised with the aroma of rosemary, peppermint, and other pure flower and plant essences.


Add gentle and natural exfoliation to your routine with our Rosemary Mint Bath Bar. Rosemary and peppermint leaf powders light exfoliate and moisturise and they cleanse, perfect for an awakening shower in the morning or a restorative one at night. The scent of certified organic rosemary and peppermint lingers long after you rinse, so you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy from the moment you start your day.


From invigorating exfoliation to revitalising body, our Rosemary and Mint range of hair and skin products showcase the wholesome benefits of these two organic herbs.


Awaken your senses with our herb-infused shampoo and conditioner, or enjoy cooled and calm skin with peppermint body lotion.


Enjoy the indulgence of rosemary and mint and allow their powerful properties give you hair and skin that’s beautiful -- naturally.