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Eye of Horus is a luxury, cruelty-free, Australian beauty brand, thoughtfully designed in Byron Bay. We are committed to offering premium cosmetics that are clean, conscious and considered.

We place performance first, alongside ingredient integrity and harness ancient beauty rituals and sacred ingredients to create effective, award-winning formulations that enhance your natural beauty. Each product is a collection of stories, traditions and learnings that intend to empower with beauty, confidence and purpose.

I feel honoured to work as Brand Manager, alongside our talented and empowered business owners, as well as a collaborative, inspired team, all of whom share a love for all that is organic, ethical and beautiful.
- Samantha O’Brien, our Brand Manager.


What is your goal?
We consider ourselves pioneers within the clean beauty space - our goal is to empower you to focus on mindful beauty as a ritual and luxury for both mind and body. There is a different way of being and doing, and Eye of Horus is leading the way to an artisanal, ethical, Earth-friendly future. We strive to create an inclusive community that elevates one another and advocates for positive change.


Why do you think Vegan beauty is important?
Our Founder, Holly, has a background in natural medicine with strong knowledge and belief in the healing power of plants. This wisdom, coupled with her fascination on the methodologies and rituals of the Ancient Egyptians, who many consider to be the originators of holistic beauty, has formed the foundation and ethos for Eye of Horus. Her intention was to pair back the unnecessary and often toxic ingredients and focus on creating a clean, functional product that didn't irritate or cause harm. We harness sacred plant-based ingredients like Moringa, Hemp, Abyssinian and Pomegranate Oil, all with deep roots of regeneration in ancient Middle Eastern history to cultivate timeless, innovative and essential beauty that honours skin health, the longevity of our planet and those that inhabit it.


What does sustainability mean to you?
Sustainability to me is about consideration and creating a better future for people and our planet. At Eye of Horus, we continuously work towards minimising our footprint, contributing to a circular economy and practicing ethical sourcing and manufacturing. We prioritise the use of high quality, sustainable and fair-trade ingredients and prioritise offering locally made, artisan-crafted creations.


What are some misconceptions about natural products?
A common misconception is that you will compromise on product performance for natural beauty solutions. Our commitment to researching ingredients, trialling new formulations and staying abreast of advancements in technology has allowed us to consistently create and offer high-performance and award-winning formulas that are kind to people and the planet.




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