BEAUTY | May 04, 2020


It’s not all in your head. If your hair is thinning since your baby was born, you’re not alone.

Post pregnancy hair loss can come as a surprise after experiencing some months of blissfully lustrous, thick, healthy hair during pregnancy.


A drop in your pregnancy hormones in the months following can cause hair to start thinning and shedding unusually, but rest assured these temporary hormonal shifts are experienced by most new mothers.


Invati Advanced will help to instantly thicken your hair and combat hair loss which are 98% naturally derived products from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water. It helps reduce hair loss by targeting hair from the root, instantly thickening hair for a fuller appearance.


Create the optimal foundation for fuller, thicker hair with the first step in this process. The Exfoliating Shampoo gently cleanses and renews your scalp, whilst detangling to help prevent breakage. It is important to remove any build up that can clog your pores, which our shampoo’s salicylic acid does.


Strengthen hair from root to end in the next step using naturally derived amino acids which mimic your hair’s structure with our Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner. Hair can often turn very dry during pregnancy, a condition that may persist even months after delivery. With our deep conditioning, you can add back the much needed moisture whilst thickening your hair with certified organic amla.


The final step in the Invati Advanced™ process is the Scalp Revitaliser. Reinforce a stronger foundation for your hair, starting from the scalp. Lift your hair from the root as this revitaliser helps support your natural keratin production.


Promote fuller, thicker hair post pregnancy and restore your wonderfully nourished, healthy hair.