How to massage your

scalp for hair growth


Learn how scalp massages help hair growth and beat hair loss

The remedies to hair loss or thinning hair are endless—from hair-growth shampoos, serum and creams, there are several scalp care products you can use for thicker, fuller and healthy-looking hair.


One of the most popular and highly effective options for getting thicker and denser hair is a scalp massage; it’s an easy, hassle-free, and effective at-home treatment you can do yourself and can also be combined with any other treatments or products you are currently using for hair growth.


Discover the best tips on how to do a scalp massage for hair growth and the tools and products you might want to invest in for best results.


How does a scalp massage help hair growth? 


A scalp massage, similar to any other kind of massage, is the stimulation of a certain area of the body in order to help with blood flow. A scalp massage can be used for various purposes, including reducing stress and tension, relieving headaches or, as mentioned, hair growth.


Hair loss is often associated with a lack of blood flow in the scalp, which limits the amount of nutrients and oxygen being carried to the hair follicles. To combat this, a hair massage for hair growth is highly effective in improving blood flow in the area and promoting healthier hair. When this is done consistently, it will help to increase thickness and also speed of growth across the head.


Stress can also be another significant factor when it comes to increasing hair loss or thinning. Another reason why a scalp massage is good for hair growth is because of its proven effectiveness in helping reduce stress. A head massage a few times a week can significantly decrease stress levels and body tension, and in turn, also help to promote healthier hair.


How to massage the scalp


There is no right or wrong way to complete a head massage for hair growth, as long as you are applying enough pressure to properly stimulate the scalp. Depending on your budget or personal preferences, there are a few different methods you can try.


Low maintenance options include using your hands and trying some massage techniques that are extremely effective and easy to do. If you prefer not to use your hands, there are some tools like scalp massagers and brushes that help make the process a little easier and fuss-free. The choice is completely yours!


How to massage your scalp with your hands


A traditional scalp massage for hair growth 


The most simple and traditional head massage for hair growth only requires you to use your fingertips. Work both hands through your hair and place your fingertips against your scalp. Apply medium pressure—just enough to feel push against your scalp. Move your fingers in circular motions, and then work your way across the entire scalp. Make sure to move back and forth and continue doing small circles to stimulate the scalp.


Squeezing the scalp


An additional technique you can do with your hands to do a head massage is squeezing the scalp. Rather than moving in circular motions, try squeezing the skin inward using your hand—similar to a pinch. Make sure to do this slowly and gently so as not to cause too much friction against the scalp. Repeat this across your entire head.


How to use a scalp massager


There are many different kinds of scalp massagers, all of which are a tool to help you effectively massage your scalp. Not only is a scalp massager great for stimulating blood flow but it also helps to exfoliate your scalp and help to remove any dead skin cells and flakes or dandruff.


For the best scalp massage for hair growth, try our pramasana™ exfoliating scalp brush on a dry scalp and apply a moderate pressure in order to achieve the best results. As the bristles are more firm than using your fingertips, be careful not to push too hard against the scalp.


What products do you need to do a scalp massage for hair growth? 


While not essential, it can be extremely beneficial to use hair growth or scalp care products while giving yourself a scalp massage for hair growth.


After using your scalp massager or exfoliator, it’s always recommended to go in with a scalp cleanser. We are always so focused on cleansing our hair with shampoo but rarely our scalp, which needs just as much attention to be healthy. Our pramasana™ purifying scalp cleanser gently cleans and exfoliates the scalp, leaving it fresh and in optimal condition for hair growth.


Another product for scalp care that can be used in conjunction with a scalp massage is our invati advanced™ scalp revitalizer. Simply spray onto a damp scalp and go about your scalp massage routine. This product works to nourish and soothe the scalp, while helping to preserve the skin’s natural protective barrier.


If you’re looking for additional scalp care and deep nourishment, try our invati advanced™ intensive hair and scalp masque. Enriched with naturally-derived, hard-working hydrating ingredients, it’s bound to keep your scalp moisturised and healthy.


While there is no strict way to do a scalp massage for hair growth, there is no doubt that consistent head massages do help to promote thicker and healthier hair. If you have been struggling with hair loss or even want to experience more regular hair growth, try some of our recommendations on how to massage your scalp properly, and review our selection of product recommendations.


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