How to care for your

scalp & skin in winter


Prevent dry scalp in winter and achieve the healthiest winter skin

Winter is here and we’ve again plagued with the inevitable dry skin dilemmas that come hand-in-hand with the season. Flaky skin, lip dryness, as well as an itchy scalp in winter are all common and uncomfortable issues so many of us face. Bu there’s the good news;there are a heap of resources, products, and skincare tips for winter on hand to help you combat dry skin and hair this season and ensure you’re feeling as healthy and hydrated as can be.


How to Combat Skin Dryness in Winter


Dry winter skin can not only cause extreme discomfort and irritation but can also look noticeably flaky and make it a tricky canvas for makeup. The key to to keeping your complexion hydrated during a cold front is all in the products and the consistency of your application throughout the day.


Look for the right skincare ingredients


As far as hydration goes, there are a few hero ingredient you should keep your eye out for that are well-known for being the most effective agents to tackle skin dryness. Firstly; hyaluronic acid. A naturally occurring substance that is produced by the skin, it holds 1000 times its weight in water, and worksto trap and retain moisture in the skin.Also used to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, it’s the perfect ingredient to moisturise the skin during winter.


Another hydrating ingredient to look for in a winter moisturiser is vitamin C. Vitamin C is seen as one of the best anti-aging ingredients there is on the skincare market and does wonders in helping to create a smooth, plump complexion and to boost radiance. Our tulasara™ renewing radiance creme is rich in texture and contains naturally derived vitamin C to give the skin an instant glow.


Finally, an ingredient your winter skincare routine cannot do without is jojoba extract. Our botanical kinetics™ hydrating lotion contains emollients derived from jojoba and coconut, which help to replenish the skin’s moisture levels almost instantly, making it one of the best moisturisers for dry skin in winter.


Moisturise twice a day, right after washing


Once you’ve found the best winter moisturiser to suit your skin type, the next step is to make sure you are consistent with your application. The general rule of thumb is to apply moisturiser twice daily, right after washing your face while the skin is still slightly damp to ensure ingredients are better absorbed. Our tip is also to find a hydrating facial cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils; the botanical kinetics™ exfoliating creme cleanser contains jojoba exfoliating beads and creamy mango butter, which helps to care for and improve the condition of your skin.


Keep a lip balm in your bag


Just like the skin on your face, the lip dryness in winter is not to be ignored. There is nothing more uncomfortable than chapped, flaky lips for months on end. Make sure you keep a hydrating lip balm on hand at all times, so you can nip dry, chapped lips in the bud before they get worse. Our feed my lips ™ pure nourish-mint ™ lip treatment contains naturally derived ingredients like cupuaçu fruit butter and botanical oils to provide extra nourishment, and is the best moisturising lip balm to soothe sore lips in winter.


How to Combat Dry Winter Scalp


Is there anything worse than constant scalp itchiness and visible dandruff on top of your head? Scalp dryness and flakiness during winter are very common, and present an extremely uncomfortable and noticeable issue. However, it seems that even avid skincare and haircare users seem to prioritise finding the right products and routines to keep their faces as moisturised as possible during the winter, but so often their scalp is neglected. Here are our best tips on how to treat a dry scalp.


Choose gentle hair care products


It’s important to selecthair products that take a gentle, gradual approach when it comes to scalp care and treatment. Hair care products that are too drying, harsh or abrasive can lead to further scalp dryness in winter so it's essential to find formulas that don’t strip your skin. Our range of vegan hair products, such as shampoos and conditioners, utilise naturally derived, plant-based ingredients that help to cleanse and nourish the hair. Hair care is always important, but especially so during the cold months due to harsh winds and taking too many hot showers, so it’s crucial to learn how to take care of your hair during the winter.


Massage your scalp before washing


A fun little exercise that makes a world of difference when it comes to scalp health and preventing itchy scalp in winter, is to treat yourself to a scalp massage. Designed to treat or prevent scalp dryness, it’s a good idea to learn how to massage your scalp in order to exfoliate and remove impurities, as well as increase circulation.


Use a moisturising masque once a week


Just like the skin on your face, the scalp also requires a bit of a pick-me-up every now and then. One of the best dry scalp treatments is a nourishing masque. Our invati advanced™ scalp revitalizer helps to invigorate the scalp while promoting hair growth and thickening.


While dry skin in winter is no doubt irritating, it can actually have some pretty detrimental long-term effects, including a damaged skin barrier, leaving the skin vulnerable and susceptible to external bacteria. With that in mind, it, it really is crucial to stay on top of how to hydrate your skin. Follow these winter skincare tips, to ensure your hair – and your skin! – are as healthy as they can be this winter.