There’s a lot to love about Aveda, whether you’ve been a fan for a long time or are just discovering what we have to offer. You probably know that our hair products smell amazing and that our artists are super-talented, but did you know that we’ve been cruelty-free since our founding in 1978? It’s true! Let us show you what’s uniquely Aveda.


One of our proudest achievements is the fact that we’ve been cruelty-free since Aveda was founded all the way back in 1978. None of the Aveda products you know and love are tested on animals — we prefer to say they’re “people tested” on willing volunteers in our test salons around the globe. If you’d like to learn more about our commitment, visit our Aveda Cares page.




One of our most cherished partnerships is the one we’ve built with the people of Nepal. That beautiful textured paper that wraps our gift sets comes from their talented papermakers, and it’s certified Wildlife Friendly® by the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. Our purchase of the paper helps protect over 30,000 acres of forest, where endangered animals like the red panda (above) and snow leopard live.




Our founder, the eco visionary Horst Rechelbacher, said that everything starts with plants, and we agree. All of your favorite Aveda products are made with naturally-derived ingredients from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water. To learn more, click here.


The wind can be kind of a pain — like when it ruins your fresh curls or blowout — but it can also be a total game-changer. Did you know we were the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% wind power at our HQ in Minnesota, our primary facility? After all, we think nature is the best model of sustainability out there. Did you know that all of our products are manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets balancing our electrical and natural gas usage? It sounds cool, right? Click here for all the details on our responsible manufacturing.




When someone says “you smell like Aveda” to you while you’re standing in line at the bank, in the grocery store, or running in for your morning coffee, you know it’s a compliment. Our signature aromas are instantly recognizable, and for many people, they bring them back to a calm, happy time in their lives — whether it was a great experience at a salon or even their wedding day. (Hey, a lot of hair stylists use Air Control on brides, and aroma can be so evocative.)

But what IS an Aveda aroma, anyway? We call them Pure-Fumes because they’re made with pure plant and flower essences. “Making our aromas ourselves allows us to be very involved in all the different aspects of aroma, from the sourcing of raw materials, to the testing of those ingredients so we can make sure they’re up to our standards,” says Kate Rosso, who works in the lab alongside our head Pure-Fumer Guy Vincent.


Every time you suds up with Shampure or apply your Stress-Fix Body Crème, think about Guy and Kate in the lab mixing up the aromas you love best.


Of course, these are just a few of the ways we carry out the Aveda mission — and you’re a part of it too! We’ll be bringing all of these stories to life on our Instagram channel throughout the week, so don’t forget to follow us for more.



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