Three Sustainable Yoga Mats We Love

Did you know most yoga mats are made from plastic that is not recyclable?

Did you know most yoga mats are made from plastic that is not recyclable? Common yoga mats are made with PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride ), a cheap synthetic yet an efficient material for manufacturers. The type of PVC used in yoga mats are made up of chemicals that give plastic its flexibility and resilience, but they have major health and environmental impacts! Need more convincing to make the switch?


PVC has many short and long term effects to your health when exposed through skin contact and inhalation. The chemicals in PVC are known to be hormone disruptors and are known to produce damaging developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects. Other materials used to make plastic mats can leak chlorine, carcinogens and other toxic chemicals into landfill and ultimately our air.


So to help protect your health, save the mother nature and feel good about the mat you’re doing your downward dog on, we’ve rounded up the 3 eco-friendly yoga mats brands that we love!

Second Earth are committed to the planet with each and every mat produced. Made from 100% natural rubber and jute they are 100% sustainability, 100% eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic. Ethically sourced materials that are durable and carbon neutral.



Chuchka's range of eco yoga mats are not only beautiful with eye-catching prints and designs, they are made of safe eco friendly materials including 100% natural rubber, cork (antimicrobial properties resists germs & smell) and microfiber suede (enhanced grip technology & machine washable).



LovEarth is committed to making yoga plastic free. LovEarth Yoga Mats are made from natural materials including jute and tree rubber and fully biodegradable.

P.s - When you buy a LovEarth Yoga Mat, they will take your old mat and up-cycle it in one of the great programs that they partner with or If you are replacing your LovEarth Yoga Mat with a new one, you can trade it in. LovEarth will then take your mat and compost it on your behalf. It’s a win win!