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At Aveda, we celebrate women all year round by creating 100% vegan hair and skin care to help women feel like their best selves. On International Women’s Day and as part of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting the inner and outer strength of women. Learn about four extraordinary women who show formidable strength as they work to protect the Earth through their passions. Also learn how to stay strong in your commitment to the planet.



Strength, from the inside out


Real strength goes beyond what you see on the surface or someone’s physical ability—it begins with what’s inside. Your experiences and attitude toward life define your inner strength. It’s the kindness, resourcefulness and innate drive that make a woman powerful. This kind of strength can power a person's will to pursue what they believe in, such as caring for the planet.



Women of strength


Through a partnership with Refinery29, we’re excited to introduce you to four women, each of whom manifest their strength in inspiring ways. They connect to their life-callings and push the boundaries of their passions in an effort to protect the planet and make a difference.




Maddie is the Program and Outreach Director at Debris Free Oceans, as well as a coral reef researcher. She works to protect our reef ecosystems and oceans.


Through Debris Free Oceans, Maddie works regularly with businesses and local governments to teach them about sustainability and help reduce their dependence on single-use plastics. She also helps activate the public in fun and educational cleanup events to help save the oceans and marine life. As a researcher, she dives multiple times a week to care for coral nurseries and survey reefs. Learn more about Maddie here.*




A conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer, Imogene conducts research on rare wildlife, such as the snow leopard. She leads field and laboratory research to address conservation questions and try to protect endangered species. As a science communicator, she makes it her mission to generate educational content to mentor young people and get them excited about biodiversity, science and venturing outside. Find out more about Imogene and how she works to protect the Earth here.**




Tara is a chef, consultant and creative, and she envisions a world where everyone can have access to healthy food. Since she became vegan in 2015, she’s been empowering herself with knowledge of food issues and radical agriculture. Tara works daily to help make healthy food accessible to marginalized communities. She believes that by sharing wholesome eating with the world, we can nourish our families on a generational level and help free ourselves from societal stress. Discover more about Tara and her mission here.***




Born in the village of Posoy in Kenya’s West Pokot county, Aliphine is an American long distance runner. She first fell in love with running at a local track meet in Kenya. A full scholarship to Iowa State and ten National U.S. Running Championships later, Aliphine is a stellar athlete and inspires other female athletes with her will to win.


Aliphine channeled her strength to make the decision to have a baby while at the height of her career. Her daughter Zoe was born on January 13th, 2021. She’s ever-more determined to compete in upcoming races as a new mother, showing women everywhere that anything is possible. Learn more about her Aliphine and her world here.



Step into your strength


You too can do your part for the planet and discover your own strength. botanical repair honors your commitment to the Earth without compromise. Choosing hair care that is 100% vegan and cruelty free makes a difference that matters to you.


Just as your inner strength can energize your outward actions, botanical repair intensive strengthening masques repair hair damage from the inside out, with plant-powered, bond-building technology. The result is stronger, softer and shinier hair, thanks to botanical science.




With Aveda, 100% vegan products help you
stay strong in your commitment to care for the
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