BEAUTY | APRIL 6, 2020



Most of us tend to focus on styling products to tame frizzy hair, smooth strands and boost shine, but with the right shampoo, improving the condition and manageability of your hair starts in the shower.


Our nutriplenish™ shampoos intensely replenish dry hair in need of hydration. Plus, our vegan, cruelty-free formulas are free of sulfate cleansers for peace of mind with every wash.


Using a powerhouse shampoo also cuts down on styling time—and products—by getting hair into its best condition from the moment you wash it. We harnessed the power of nature’s nutrient-dense fruits to create a superfood complex to feed your hair. Our organic pomegranate oil, organic coconut oil and mango butter help nourish every strand.


To find your shampoo hero, let’s determine your hair type first.





Fine to Medium Density
You’ll want a shampoo that’s more lightweight. Our nutriplenish™ light moisture shampoo delivers hydration with fast-absorbing oils that won’t weigh down fine, thin hair. If you wash your hair daily to keep it fresh, light moisture gives you the manageability you need, with plenty of softness.


Medium to Thick Density
Reach for our nutriplenish™ deep moisture shampoo. With 50% more moisturizing butters than light moisture, this formula provides richer hydration to replenish each strand. It also doubles as a hair detangler for stress-free shampooing.


With the right shampoo, your best hair yet is just a wash away. And our nutriplenish™ formulas are the hair hydrators you need.