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Uncover your botanical repair hair care routine.

As the seasons change, your hair may be feeling dull and brittle, regular blow-drying and blustery conditions. Instead of concealing damaged tresses with your go-to woolen hat, reach for botanical repair—our 100% vegan, bond-building hair care collection. Discover your tailored hair care routine below, and greet the new season with strong, healthy hair.


Defy damage with bond-building hair care


If your hair is very tangled, feels dry to the touch, looks frizzy or has visible breakage and split ends, you are most likely experiencing hair damage. Cue: botanical repair, our 100% vegan hair care system that offers intensive, 3-layer hair repair by strengthening strands from within and building new hair bonds. The result is stronger hair that’s not only visibly shinier on the outside—but also nourished and repaired on the inside.

It all centers on a breakthrough plant molecule that actually fortifies the hair cortex by building new hair bonds. Other key ingredients include an emollient-rich macro green oil blend that replenishes the essentials of healthy hair, plus a protective bio-shield complex that helps to prevent future hair damage. Mindfully made without silicones, parabens, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances, you can feel good about indulging in high-performance hair care that keeps the planet at heart. So what are you waiting for? We’re breaking down your go-to hair repair solutions ahead, including NEW botanical repair strengthening overnight serum.


What’s your botanical repair regimen?

Whether you have 1A fine hair or 4C thick coils, you’ve likely contended with dry, brittle or frizzy hair at some point. When formulating botanical repair there is no one-size-fits-all solution to treat damaged hair. Our bond-building hair care products are tested on the full spectrum of hair types and textures, with high-performance results for all. Get inspired to create your strengthening hair care routine:


Step 1: Cleanse & Condition


When it’s time to wash and condition hair, set the foundation for repair with botanical repair strengthening shampoo and conditioner.



Step 2: Select Your Masque


To cover the full spectrum of hair (Type 1 to Type 4), our Aveda scientists formulated two unique bond-building masques. For weightless conditioning and lightweight repair for all textures of fine-to-medium hair, select botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: light. For ultra-rich nourishment for all textures of medium-to-thick hair, select botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: rich, which features 2x the plant lipids with added butters compared to botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: light.



Step 3: Repair & Go


For on-the-go repair without rinsing, apply botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment.



Step 4: Strengthen Overnight


Before hopping into bed, apply NEW botanical repair strengthening overnight serum, our first-ever intensive hair serum. This bond-building serum features a plant-derived molecule to build new hydrogen hair bonds, and it also mends split ends by 84% in just one sleep.





Shine bright with a hair care routine rooted in strength with our award-winning botanical repair collection.