Woman brushing her hair with Aveda's wooden paddle brush

How to Grow Your Hair Longer & Stronger


Achieve your dream length with our top hair growing tips and products for hair growth

Growing long, strong hair takes time and patience. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to speed up growth until you achieve the length of your dreams. Discover our hair growing tips and best products for hair growth and thickness!


Incorporate hair growth products into your routine


Whether you’re struggling with hair loss and thinning, or simply want your long hair to get even longer, rethinking your usual routine to include products for hair growth is crucial. At Aveda, we have an entire range dedicated to hair loss, invati advanced™, featuring all the essentials you may need:


invati advanced™ exfoliating shampoo (light or rich). Scrubbing your scalp with hair loss shampoo eliminates any stubborn residue, allowing other products for hair growth to penetrate deeper into your scalp. Plus, it creates an optimal foundation for thicker, fuller hair.


invati advanced™ thickening conditioner. Pairing our hair growth shampoo and conditioner will strengthen and thicken your hair from the roots to the ends, protecting it from breakage.


invati advanced™ intensive hair and scalp masque. Using an additional treatment for hair growth like our mask will hydrate your hair and scalp further, enhancing the results of your new and improved hair care routine.




Don’t forget about scalp care


What is healthy hair without a healthy scalp? Scalp care should be a part of your routine no matter what your goals or concerns are, and if you’re hoping to boost hair growth, there are two products you should add to your beauty arsenal asap:


A spray for hair growth

A daily spritz of our scalp revitalizer is enough to instantly thicken your hair by lifting it at the root and feeding your scalp with natural keratin, a protein that gives your hair the flexibility and strength it needs not to break easily.


A hair growth oil

Most oils are supercharged with nourishing ingredients that hydrate your scalp, creating the perfect foundation for healthy hair to grow. Our nutriplenish™ multi-use hair oil features a powerful blend of oils that may help prevent hair loss: sunflower oil to avoid split ends, jojoba oil to strengthen your hair, rosemary oil to stimulate blood flow, and more.


Always brush your hair gently


How many times have you rushed through your beauty routine and ended up being a little bit too rough when brushing your hair? Although it’s easy to do so, it’s a habit you should be mindful of, particularly if you’re hoping to boost hair thickness and length.


Taking your time and being extra gentle when brushing your hair will allow you to get rid of any knots, without pulling out too much hair.


Make sure to also use the right brush for hair growth. Our wooden paddle brush is an excellent example: made with extended bristles for easy detangling, it is great for invigorating the scalp, stimulating blood flow and boosting hair growth.


Rinse your hair with cold water


We know cold showers aren’t for everyone, but for hair growth purposes, you only need to do it for a couple of seconds at the end of each shower!


Rinsing your hair with cold water will improve blood circulation to the scalp, helping your blood capillaries to open, which means that your roots will get all the nutrients they need to keep growing thick hair.


Plus, the cold water will keep your hair hydrated by preserving its natural oils, and your scalp clean by closing your pores and keeping the dirt and grease away.


Get your hair trimmed regularly


In order to grow, your hair needs to be healthy, and there’s nothing like a regular trim to ensure it always is.


Our suggestion is that you visit your hairdresser for a trim every 10 to 12 weeks, so you can get rid of any split and damaged ends that might otherwise lead to hair breakage. Although it might sound counterproductive at first, regular trims (and a little bit of patience) efficiently help build and maintain hair length. Find your nearest Aveda salon here.


Avoid wearing your hair up every day


Ponytails are one of the main causes of hair stress and breakage, so if you’re wondering how to grow thick hair, changing up your hairstyle is a must-do.


Give your hair and scalp a rest by having it down whenever possible. When you do wear your hair up, make sure not to pull it too tight and to regularly switch the placement of your ponytails.


Additionally, consider swapping your usual hair ties for an accessory that won’t cause as much tension on your hair. Claw clips, bobby pins and hair barrettes are great for creating new hairstyles, without causing your hair to thin or break off. Silky scrunchies are also a good alternative, as they spread out the pressure more evenly.


Growing long, healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right hair growth products and habits, you’ll get there sooner than you think. Try our invati advanced™ range for hair loss and thinning!





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