Have a Shampure Saturday (and Sunday)

Spend the weekend unwinding

with calming, aromatic rituals

The weekend was made for relaxing: reading, hanging out with friends and loved ones, brunching, getting your hair done and maybe the occasional binge watch. Want to know what goes perfectly with unwinding from the stress of a busy week as you lean into a weekend low-key? The Shampure aroma! Aveda’s iconic blend of 25 pure plant and flower essences, which launched in 1989, has become a beloved signature for Aveda fans all over the world — and for good reason! It smells amazing, and when you take a deep inhale of Shampure, it’s almost impossible not to feel calm and soothed.


That calming effect is a testament to the power of aromatherapy, and how plant-derived essential oils can change your mood. Shampure has been painstakingly created with 25 such essences, including its standouts: lavender, ylang-ylang and petitgrain. (What’s petitgrain? It’s an essential oil derived from bitter orange tree leaves.)

“The big components are lavender and ylang ylang,” explains Aveda’s Head of Pure-Fume Aroma, Guy Vincent. “They’re both known to have calming effects. You combine that with the other ingredients like petitgrain’s leafy freshness, and they help support the real workhorses of ylang ylang and lavender.” That’s why Shampure makes you feel so chill every time you smell it, and why it’s easy to get addicted to it.


If self-care is your priority after the holidays (it’s usually trending!), there are a few ways to incorporate the calming aroma of Shampure into your favorite relaxing routines.


Take a Shampure-scented bath. Give yourself permission to drift away. Add a few drops of Shampure Composition Oil to a warm bath and enjoy the delicious aroma. You can also apply some Oil to your body before you bathe to help seal in moisture, which means you can soak longer — and there’s nothing wrong with that! Or, if you’re in the mood for a bubble bath, add Hand and Body Wash to the water for bubbles that envelop your senses as they gently cleanse. Feeling good? Keep the calm vibes coming; here are a few of our favorite ways to use the Composition Oil.


Unwind by candlelight. Do you love candlelight yoga at your favorite studio? Try it at home! Light a Shampure candle or two and hit your mat. Don’t want to go it alone? There are so many good apps that lead you through yoga sequences, so find one you like and get moving! Shampure + a long, relaxing flow is basically guaranteed Zen.


Relax before bed. Create your own nighttime ritual with the Shampure Body Lotion. Use it on your arms, legs, hands and feet for a relaxing self-massage. We like to add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to the mix for even more soothing power. It’ll make bedtime more luxurious and the aroma may just have you slipping off into peaceful dreams.