BEAUTY | MAY 4, 2018








What was the best beauty advice you learned from your mother? Was it to drink a lot of water, or wash your face before bed? For many Aveda Artists, their moms were a beauty inspiration from an early age, and they’ve incorporated those lessons into their careers as hairstylists and makeup artists.


In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing those lessons with you!


“The biggest beauty lesson I learned from my mom is always to look always look my best even if I don’t feel my best — it will improve my mood. I use this in my day-to-day career because my goal in general is to always make my clients feel like their best selves inside and out.”
-Angel Charlesworth, Vision of Tomorrow salon in Larchmont, NY


“The biggest beauty lesson I learned from my mom was to take care of my hands. She has the most beautiful hands and her nails are always well-manicured. In my career, caring for my hands goes beyond my constant application of Hand Relief and pretty nail polish. I also like to incorporate hand massage, exercises and stretching to ensure my hands are healthy enough to get me through my busy days behind the chair. Thanks, Mom!”
-Tia Coles, Aveda Pure-Fessional, Jouvence salon in Rockville, MD


“The best beauty lesson I learned from my mama was to always make sure you brush twice a day and floss daily to keep your chompers shiny and healthy - and don’t forget to brush your tongue to keep the bad breath away! She also taught us that for extra smile “zing” to dip your toothbrush in baking soda for extra added sparkle and cleaning! She’d tell me, ‘The first thing people will notice about you is your smile.’ I think being in the beauty industry and also being an Aveda educator, having a noticeable, bright, engaging smile is an important part of my daily interactions with guests and stylists. Over the years I’ve received many compliments on my smile and I feel like in my career, nothing can make a person feel more welcome or help make an immediate connection than an honest and sincere smile. Your whole face changes when you smile a true happy smile, your cheekbones raise, you look instantly younger and more carefree and your eyes sparkle. And who couldn’t use all those great benefits?!? “
-Cassandra Pena, Aveda Pure-Fessional, K. Charles salons, TX


“CONFIDENCE. It seems every day women sit in my chair and automatically start breaking down everything they hate about themselves. My goal is to build confidence and self-esteem in these beautiful women by showing them how wonderful they are with AND without makeup. With confidence, you’re the most beautiful!”
-Elizabeth Cook, freelance Aveda makeup artist

“The biggest beauty lesson I learned from my mom is that the most beautiful thing you can do is serve others. I grew up watching her make people feel beautiful in her salon not just by doing their hair, but by listening to them, and taking time to do the little things for her guests. She does her best to make everyone around her feel important and beautiful. In my career, I make sure every guest knows I care about them and that they will receive my best on any day. I make sure they always receive stress relieving rituals and I try to remember or write down at least one thing about what’s happening in their life each appointment, so for their next one we can catch up with where we left off!”
-Lani Fischer, Zandi K Hair & Skin Studio, Denver, CO


“The best beauty lesson I learned from my mom is ‘less is more’ and ‘simplicity is key.’ She mainly used that in regard to makeup — teaching me not to do a heavy smoky eye with dark lips in my everyday life. I don’t do makeup on others, but I definitely have her words in mind when I do my own makeup. I use her advice with hair color too; I love enhancing people’s natural color and letting their beauty shine through. I find there is so much beauty in simplicity when it’s done the right way. My true aesthetic is more natural styles, and that 100% comes from my momma.”
-Olivia Palmira, Sereni Salon, Boston, MA


“With my mom, it was all about skin care. She was all about making sure I took care of my skin as she had very fair skin. For me now, I always tell my daughter: Everything has beauty. Be the one who sees it. Take care of yourself along the way, mentally and physically, and it will take care of you.”
-Janell Geason, Global Artistic Director for Makeup


“The biggest beauty secret I learned from my mother wasn’t really much of a secret at all. She’s still spending time weekly behind the chair! My mother taught me to lead by example. She’s the kind of example leader who will stop on her way out of the salon after an exhausting day to wipe the fingerprints off the glass doors. Beauty is as beauty does.”
-Jerad Rushlow, Daybreak Salon & Spa, MI

“The biggest I learned from my mom is to make sure you’re taking care of yourself by paying attention to what you put in and on your body. My mom is all about being healthy and taught me how that enhances your beauty. I carry this with me today by working for a company that allows me to use products of the highest quality. I can then extend this knowledge to my guests and teach them that they can feel good about the products they use to look good.”
-Charis Thompson, Avantgarde Salon and Spa, FL


“Everyone has beauty.  You have to know how to find it and how to use it. I love that I can make a person feel beautiful on the outside by changing their hair and makeup, but it’s how I make them feel on the inside that matters most.”
-Melissa Olsen, Mark Anthony Salon, UT