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Chakra 3

Chakra 3 is the center of motivation where we set our intentions and desires.

According to Ayurveda:
When the power chakra is balanced, one may achieve goals, is self-confident and has strong motivation and direction.

When the power chakra is imbalanced, one may feel mental blocks, nervousness and impatience.


This is the third, or solar plexus center chakra meditation. To enhance your experience spray the focusing blend of Aveda Chakra™ 3 balancing body mist withfeaturing lavender and lemon. 



The mantra sound of the third chakra is ram. Repeat this mantra out loud multiple times noticing the vibrations in the power chakra.



Whispering Breath — This breath is performed by inhaling and exhaling through the nose as you gently contract the back of the throat.

Chakra 3 aroma includes Fir balsam, lavender and lemon

Your goals and self-confidence


Incorporate more red and pink colored fruits and vegetables into your
daily nourishment: Some of these foods are: carrots, mango, apricots,
peaches, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet potatoes, pumpkin winter squash pineapple,
corn, star fruit, banana, lemons, quince, squash, plantains and yellow peppers. 


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